Terms and conditions for STARTER ZEN PACK. Most frequent questions and answers.


Our service is billed for 12 months subscription. You can quit at any moment but, there is no refund for the already purchased service. We keep providing the service until your annual subscription ends. You can also extend the service we provide by purchasing another 12 months subscription, before the previous one expires. Don’t worry, we will let you know when it’s the time! Since our concern is always providing the best service to customers, a fast reply to our client’s demands and our permanent focus on customer satisfaction, we are pretty sure you will stick with us a for a long time. We don’t need complicated contracts drafted by skilled lawyers or small letters text with heavy condition to chain you with us for years after you sign, like most of our competition does. With us it’s straight and simple! If no cancellation request is received 30 days before the 12 months billing frame ends, then we will send you the payment request for another 12 months of service. If the payment is received then your subscription will be extended for another year. If the payment is refused, then we will make another try in a few days, or we will request a bank transfer, as you please. If the payment fails again, the website goes offline at the end of the previous paid subscription period, and we are officially free of contract and our collaboration is concluded. The domain name and the content will be disposed after a period of 12 months after the end of our collaboration.

The answer is NO! The STARTER ZEN PACK gives you coverage for your basic online needs. We will take care of all the technical aspects of your subscription. During our collaboration, none of the technical issues will fall on your shoulders. You take care of your business, we make sure that your online presence is live and updated. We have our professional hosting provider, serving according to your chosen package. We will buy a domain name as you wish and host it on our server, to cover your online needs during our collaboration. This domain remains in our property, and you use it for free during our collaboration.
Unauthorized access or unskilled changes made to the content may affect the safety and functionality of the website. So, NO code or backdoor access! The STARTER ZEN PACK gives you coverage for your basic online needs. We will be the only team performing all the changes for you. Like we said previously, during our collaboration, none of the technical issues will fall on your shoulders. You send us the request, and we work on the website to update or add the pages, services, etc. that you might need. Most updates can be performed fast,  within 24h, thanks to our skilled and enthusiastic team. If the job implies extra time, you will be informed! If the demanded service is above your package or implies an extra cost, you will be also informed and you’ll be presented an extra cost payment request. Once the payment is received, we proceed to work on your request.
Definitely YES! We will work together to evaluate your needs and discuss the best option for you. Then, we will present to you our offer for an upgraded website and the request for an installment payment with a discount. The annual support fee will adjust according to the new package as well. Our fees are transparent and our good collaboration will remain our top priority.